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Genom 2.0 – You have the frame. We give the picture.

Sep 26, 2011   //   by E-Animations   //   Genom, Products  //  No Comments

Dear visitor! Please note that this version of Genom 2.0 is not available anymore. The new version is coming soon, please check back to the site for more information in 2015.

Genom 2.0 is a 3D, interactive model collection of natural science subjects. The usage of this collection allows the deep examination, observation and the discovery of different contents (human body, animals and plants). The software is mostly independent from the language area and include some basic functions, which allow greater customization and proper use. Containing more than 100 models (including organs and organ systems), Genom 2.0 was primarily produced for biology courses but perfectly useful for the environmental studies, hygienic, health education, natural sciences along with the special subjects of medical schools.

For teachers

The software can be a significant assistance to the teacher in class planning due to its predefined view, history or interactive whiteboard  functions. The software is compatible practically with all modern devices, such as an interactive board, a desktop PC or a net-book and runs on all operational system. It gives a helping hand of different teaching methods and strategies in biology for those innovative educators, who feel important the illustration and active in-class work during the teaching-learning process. The several levels of difficulty labels help the broad application of the software, which supports the differentiated education of students with different skill levels.

For hardware companies

Genom 2.0 is a valuable content solution for your company as it:

  • contains 3D and animated models
  • has interactive (2D) and side-by-side (3D) versions
  • contains unique, high-quality graphical solutions
  • is multiplatform, works under Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android
  • is easy to learn and simply to show
  • has excellent price/value proportion
  • can assist in class planning with the predefined view function
  • works under real time 3D engine


Aug 14, 2010   //   by E-Animations   //   Nobo  //  No Comments

In the world’s primary and secondary education history and literature studies are rarely connected to each other, despite the relationship which is obviously present between the two subjects. Inspecting them together would remarkably help  undertstanding both.

Nobo is an application which allows students to discover these relations and gives a hand to compare history and literature. The software is available in a full three dimensional environment.

Moreover, Nobo is a browser-based application and is able to search online data beside of its own database. With the help of this great software you can experience the relationship of history and literature materials of primary and secondary education classes and also includes the creations of art history. Nobo includes more than 20,000 persons, products, events, locations and more than 100,000 relations ensuring the comprehension of the farthest connections.

The application’s features permit the users to compare the selected objects to each other or to edit them into a newspaper. The latter allows you to print and help students making their homework or preparing for class.
It’s search engine assists the user with tags, hence you are able to find the objects more effectively. The tags are holders of the objects’ properties, class, era (e.g. middle-ages, renaissance, etc.) and nationality or occupation in case of persons.