About us

E-Animations Corp. is a company with a great past in e-learning development. Since it was founded in 2005, we have carried out numerous successful projects. Amongst our customers, which include Hungary’s professional leading institutions, we also have clients from institutions within the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour.

In the last period, we started our own e-learning developments which are far more innovative than the traditional ones. Through these developments we try to bring together school and homework, with the help of a joint interface. In this way, we are able to combine class lessons with student research. Thus providing assistance in order to better prepare teachers and students in the classroom.

The year 2009 brought numerous innovations to our company’s life, due to our progressive development and growing consumer interest. Our product’s palette has increased appreciably and the number of  our international partners has been growing continuously. By always giving our utmost efforts and applying the latest technical solutions, we can be up-to-date at any time.

In our long distance conceptions, we want to give help both for the teachers and the students in each stage [Key Stage 1 - ages from 4 to 7, Key Stage 2 - ages from 7 to 11, Key Stage 3 - ages from 11 to 14, Key Stage 4 - ages from 14 to 16]. Our materials are mostly independent from the language area and include some basic functions, which allow greater customization  and proper use.

As the matter of fact, we place ourselves at anyone’s service in order to fulfill their individual demands and find the best solution together.

If any of our products has arisen you interest, please don’t hesitate to refer to us with confidence!