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End note to 2014

Okay we are not at the end yet, but we are getting really close to 2015, so we’d like to reflect on this year a bit.
All year long we worked really hard on new developments and improvements we just can’t wait to actually show you. We had lot of ups and downs and you wouldn’t believe how many times we had to start a process all over again just to get that perfection we like to give to you.
In 2015 there will be some changes in terms of our software products due to new developments but that too brings something exciting and new that we can’t reveal yet.
I’d like to wish all of our partners and customers happy holidays and a prosperous new year! We can’t wait to contact you next year and tell you all about… alright I give a hint… Science Guide ;)

See you soon!

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About us

E-Animations Corp. is a company with a great past in e-learning development. Since it was founded in 2005, we have carried out numerous successful projects. Amongst our customers, which include Hungary’s professional leading institutions, we also have clients from institutions within the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour.

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